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Onsite Equipment to generate liquid nitrogen from air.


  • No need to buy liquid nitrogen anymore. 

  • From air, you can get LN2 anytime and anywhere.

  • Liquefying nitrogen is stored inside dewar. 

  • Press button and get liquid nitrogen easily.

Liquid Nitrogen Generator

1. Easy Operation

Press button and get LN2 easily. More convenient

2. Stable Supply

No need to worry about supply shortage

3. Risk Reduction

Emergency replenishment backup in the event of a disaster

Liquid Nitrogen Generator

Focus on your work.

It is easy to supply liquid nitrogen
anytime, anywhere.

You can focus on main tasks by reducing unnecessary auxiliary tasks such as remaining management, transportation, and supply.

​Semiconductor, display precision measuring equipment

It can be placed inside the clean room and connected directly to the equipment you want.

Cryopreservation equipment

The supply system can be maintained in emergency situations such as natural disasters, accidents and any situations.

Cryogenic research equipment

Easily move to simple equipment configurations and connect with the equipment you need.

Cryostat &
Low-temperature maintenance

It can be conveniently used by systemizing equipment that requires low temperature maintenance such as vaccines, food, and materials.


Management System

It is easily operated with the touch display and used as an automatic supply system.

There is no more effort needed to check and produce the remaining amount.
The management system checks and produces automatically without any extra management.
Smart management(R).png
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